It's been almost 3 years since I released 'Darkest Days'. It still amazes me that it gets around 180 thousand views a month. Almost at 4 million views!

Over those last three years, I learnt a lot about filmmaking and currently studying my Bachelor of Film and Television at Deakin University.

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Jessie - T. Kyle Smiley

T.Kyle Smiley is a talented voice actor with some small voice acting roles under his belt, including "The Truth About Peter Pettigrew" by Geertos13, and the Source Filmmaker feature ‘Darkest Days’ as Jessie.

You can find T.Kyle producing from his new studio – 'Like My Style Productions'; while currently working on getting his masters in Drama, with hopes to start teaching theatre.

Currently residing in Arkansas with his beautiful fiancée, Meg. He is currently starting to write a book about the extraordinary lives of his grandparents.

T.Kyle Smiley can be contacted at


Taylor – Kai Skrotzki

Kai started voice acting about a year ago and continues to work hard every day to improve in the craft.  He has taken several voice acting classes for animation including classes with Crispin Freeman and Elley-Ray Hennessy.  Kai has been involved in several projects, including mods for Dawn of War and Fallout 3, original animation, visual novels, and of course Darkest Days.  While originally planning to attend Law School, he decided to pursue a career in voice acting and is currently working on breaking into the industry.  A proud nerd who enjoys anime, video games, and playing Warhammer 40k! Kai feels that it is a pleasure to wake up every morning and work with talented and creative individuals to bring stories and characters to life!

If you need a creative voice for a character, he would love to hear from you!  Give Kai a shout at


Emily – Kyralee Ware

It would appear obvious and natural, that from a very young age Kyralee would show interest and talent in music. Enjoying singing and dancing from the moment she could walk and talk, Kyraleee also has a flare for acting. One of her favorite past times is to put on shows for friends and family. She is also a very gifted illustrator and writer She is a confident vibrant young girl who was very excited to be chosen to play the part of Emily in 'Darkest Days'


Lanisha – Jordan Rudolph

Jordan Rudolph is an amateur voice actor that has played in few roles, though her most notable so far is 'Lanisha' in the Source Filmmaker Film, 'Darkest Days'. She started off playing a background character in a fan series, and has since then worked her way up to playing lead roles in several different productions, whether it's been the hero, or the villain. Her specialties are video game characters, southern belles and evil ponies (I'm not kidding, she's played in all of those roles!). She's also known in the Voice Acting Alliance community for her roles as 'Rino Rando' and 'Nanaho Kinjo' in the unofficial 'Best Student Council: the Abridged Series', and several different 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' fan videos. Jordan lives in California with her family, and while she isn't a huge geek for comics and games, she still considers herself a gamer and an avid fan of animation and creation in general. To contact about future possible voice acting productions, please email for demo reels and further information.

Fun Fact - The name for Lanisha came from model 'Lanisha Cole', a co-star of  theTV Show - Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. "I just liked the name. Thought it was perfect for Rochelle's [L4D2] alternate name"


Francis – Jack Hunter

Bio coming soon...... hopefully


Coach – Ben Paddock

From an early age, Ben has always loved the creative arts, namely art, animation, acting, writing and also gaming! Quickly discovering his penchant for acting, he wants to become a voice actor, and follow in the footsteps of his idols – Tom Kenny, John de Lancie, Tara Strong, Tabitha St. Germaine, and all the talented actors who’ve played a part or two in his favourite shows and games. He lives in sunny Western Australia and produces from his own home studio, and is always updating his professional website!

Ben was delighted to have a part in this epic-scale Left 4 Dead 2 machinima. It’s the closest he’s been to being in one of his favourite games! He hopes you enjoy the movie and hopes to see you again soon!"

Ben can be contacted at


Bill – Ben Paddock

Please refer to Coach for Ben Paddock's Bio


Father Grigori – Mike “Eyesadrift” Joseph

Mike was always fascinated with cartoons and video games. In addition, he decided it would be his dream to take over the world!  Well... At least get into voice acting. He started his journey with a free recording program and a less-than-mediocre headset in early 2009.  After a few dozen auditions and getting nowhere fast, he finally got his first role. He jokingly claims those original recordings have suspiciously disappeared, and probably for the best. But a start is a start, and that's all he needed, as Mike slowly got better and is now rocking a professional mic and Adobe Audition 3!  His break through role was a character called Fibble in Crystal Gonzalez's In The Dark animated series, which has yet to be released.  (We hope soon!) 

Mike can be contacted at


Judith Mossman – Samantha Jade Tristram

Samantha Tristram is an aspiring voice actor with some experience in small voice acting projects. Growing up, she watched a lot of anime with wonderful voice actors she longed to be like. Pursuing her dreams she has risen up in hopes she may grow to be as wonderful as them.

She currently resides in Queensland, Australia.

Samantha can be contacted through her email at


Wallace Breen – Warren Goldsmith

Bio coming soon..... hopefully


Beau Chitt – William Rogers

Bio coming soon..... hopefully

Fun Fact - The name of Beau Chitt was created in homage to 'The Gmod Idiot Box' creator Das Bo Schitt. "Seeing that Darkest Days was originally going to be a Garry's Mod machinima, Das Bo Schitt inspired me to create my own machinima."



Erdin Kent – Luke Ware

Bio coming soon..... hopefully


Joe “Shaft” Anderson – Luke Ware

Please refer to Erdin Kent for Luke Ware's Bio

Fun fact - The name for Erdin and Joe "Shaft" came from the Valve texture / model name of those models used in the game Half Life 2. The surname, whilst not from Half Life 2, may be found in another Valve game.  



Zoey – Jen Taylor


Note - Voice recording of Jen Taylor recorded by Valve software. Taken from original Left 4 Dead game files


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