NOTE : All images have been taken from a single frame of footage - There may be some blur and loss of quality with these low quality exports

Griffon Ramsey
2016 Chainsaw Competition
Held at Skyhigh in Mt Dandenong
Date : January 19th - 20th 21016

June Huang
Film title : Lost
Filmed February 19th, 26th and 27th 2016

Video coming soon.

RTX Australia
Filmed 23rd - 24th January 2016

Lindi Jane Music Show
Various bands
Filmed and recorded live at Bakehouse Studios : 2nd, 3rd of April 2016

Video coming soon

Behold The Defiant
Throne Of Maggots video clip
Filmed and recorded live at Wrangler Studios : 13th August 2016

Edited by Danny Field

Meg Gleeson
Prophetik Intimates
Filmed 9th January 2016

Video coming soon

Morgan Macleod - Blessed Pixels Photography
The Witching Hour
Filmed 9th January 2016

Video coming soon

Julia Vogl
For The Love festival
Filmed 14th February 2016

Video probably NOT coming soon - in the hands of the editor and I think the project might be dead

Hard Times official video clip
Filmed at Northcote Social Club, Melbourne : 29th March 2015

Filmed the show [along with two other camera operators] with the DJI Ronin and Blackmagic 4K. Unfortunately I only had a Canon 17mm-40mm L Lens with a F stop of 4. The Blackmagic is not a low-light camera, so it was quite challenging to maintain a proper exposure.

Shot during the 2015 Australian tour. Edited by James Wightman